Fire Doors 
Brunel Maintenance upgraded a number of our fire doors this year. The work was completed on time with minimal disruption to the business and to an excellent standard”. 
Phil Vickery Contracts / Facilities Manager - Centrax Ltd 
Brunel Maintenance is the works division of Firewatch which carries out maintenance for clients, specialising in small repairs, fire door replacements and maintenance 
Brunel Maintenance is our small works division. Using our own employees we carry out maintenance for our existing clients.We are not equipped or seek to carry out major refurbishment and building works, but specialise in carrying out the small repairs that other tradesman are not interested in, primarily to fire doors. These can also be called emergency doors or fire safety doors; they provide protection in the form of containing a fire should one break out. Whatever the size of the job, we will carry it out in the same professional manner as you would expect from the Firewatch Group. 
We have completed fire door replacement and maintenance requests for many of our customers. In 2009, we refurbished and replaced 225 fire doors for a large warehouse and office complex. In 2010, we completed the replacement of 80 fire doors for a local housing association with 15 sites. During 2011 and 2012 we have been assisting a wide range of clients, including a rolling 12-month project for a large school. 
There are inherent risks in assessing and upgrading fire doors without fully understanding how they work. Issues with fire doors normally arise after a fire risk assessment or a visit by the Fire Service. One of the most commonly asked questions is whether the fire doors are capable of providing the required fire resistance. 
As a result of this assessment, there are two possible outcomes. Either the door(s) in question will be upgraded to meet the recommended fire resistance or they will be replaced with new ones. 
We are also able to supply & install ‘Dorgards’ CLICK HERE – a wireless solution for legally holding open fire doors in any position, automatically closing the door when the fire alarm sounds. 
Brunel Maintenance is able to supply a wide range of intumescent products and is an approved installer of ‘Lorient’ products, please CLICK HERE for more information 
Brunel Maintenance is happy to conduct a survey to confirm the status of your premises’ fire doors. 
The Brunel Maintenance team’s main area of operation is primarily for our contracted customers in the South West region
Please take a look at the videos below, courtesy of Lorient it helps to bring the products to life, including a virtual tour around a building – which demonstrates where the products can be found within a building. Take a look...... 
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