Alarming News 
Most people whether at home or in the workplace have been woken up in the night or their work disrupted - by an alarm going off - fire, house, car... it’s happened to us all. Yes, it can be annoying and in many cases these are false alarms, but the simple fact is alarms work - and fire alarms save lives and businesses. 
The Fire Alarm Division at Firewatch operating throughout the South West Region is rightly proud of its reputation for providing quality products, service and price. It has been awarded accreditation under BAFE scheme SP203 in May 2006 and so we are fully approved for the design, installation, commissioning, verification and handover of commercial fire-alarm systems. 
The importance to businesses of engaging suitably qualified companies to carry out the maintenance and installation of fire-alarm systems can’t be stressed enough. There is no point having a system in place if it is not always at its optimum level of efficiency. 
We service all makes of fire-alarm panels and systems, as well as designing, installing and servicing emergency light systems. Our contracted clients also have the security of being covered by our 24-hour callout service and we are very proud of the testimonials we get, such as from Western Power Distribution, regarding our division. 
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