Firewatch steps up to help local skittles league 
Massive sponsorship deals have been in the news this summer, namely surrounding the London 2012 Olympics, but Firewatch have opted to think smaller when it comes to putting its money behind sporting success. 
Firewatch has signed a deal to sponsor the Newton Abbot and District Skittles League for the next three years. 
“We really wanted to get behind local sport,” says Martin Smith, the CEO of Firewatch. “And with the Olympics really firing everyone up to get involved in the grass roots of sport, we still continue to be involved with many local sports clubs and support where we can, everybody can get involved in skittles - there are men’s teams, women’s teams and mixed teams. And, of course, it’s not just about the sporting side, but also encouraging the real sense of community - especially in the smaller villages - which skittles does because everyone is welcomed along.” 
Skittles is the original game from which tenpin bowling is descended and consists of nine pins standing in a diamond formation in an indoor alley and each player has three balls per turn. 
The newly named Firewatch Newton Abbot and District Skittles League, which covers an area from Abbotskerswell to Teign Village and beyond, is thriving, with 71 teams - each with around 15 members - currently signed up for the start of the league season on 10 September. 
Vic Beer, chairman of the league, says the value of the sponsorship can’t be underestimated. 
“It’s great that Firewatch are helping us out - it really is so important to us. When we play in inter-league matches and so on it means we can have proper shirts and when we are working hard to get more people involved in skittles, raising our profile like this really helps us,” he says. “And because we have the Blackthorn British Championships being held at the Riviera Centre in Torquay on 22 September, people might see or hear of skittles and then want to get involved themselves. 
“Our league is also very important to the places which have alleys where we play. Some of the social clubs are struggling, like everyone in these hard times, and so if we keep going then we hope we can help them a bit too. And for some of our members the social element of the game is vital. Skittles is good for everyone.” 
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