Buying from the internet? 
Max Willey - Managing Director (Firewatch SW Ltd) explains..... 
'At this stage it appears very competitive, much less than your service providers? 
BUT – what is the REAL cost…… 
The only true cost of buying from a non-proven supplier, such as through an online retailer, catalogue or non-fire industry supplier, is when the equipment is needed in a real fire situation. 
Are you sure it will operate when needed? 
Is it the correct extinguisher for the risk? 
Has it been situated in the correct location? 
Is there correct instruction signage with it? 
Are you sure it is an approved product? 
These are the questions you will have to answer to the fire authorities, and they will and have prosecuted for breaches of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005[RRFSO]. Key will be proof of the competency of the organisation supplying, installing and maintaining your fire equipment will be required. 
Insurance companies will also investigate all claims and will ask the same questions and in particular that equipment provided, conformed to the standard codes of practice. Other queries are typically was the supplier Third Party accredited and BAFE approved? Do they have appropriate liability & efficacy* insurances, employing trained and qualified personnel all this and more are a requirement of the RRFSO. 
*failure to operate insurance. 
Other points to ponder! 
Who do you make a claim to if a fire extinguisher fails to operate or an employee is injured using the equipment you have provided? 
You have purchased new extinguishers – what do you do with the old ones, they must be disposed of safely and legally? 
Will you be getting a 5 year warranty? What if it loses pressure for example, will the internet supplier replace it and if so what happens in the period for the replacement to arrive, you potentially have an area of your premises without appropriate fire cover. 
'Of course the great majority of fire extinguishers will just hang on a wall and likely never be used in ‘anger’ but you can never be sure , are you prepared for the sake of a relatively small financial gain to gamble your premises, business and most importantly your employees safety? 
I have been in the fire trade for many years and had ‘discussions’ with all types of businesses on this subject and in the main most business see that it is worth the PEACE OF MIND using a company like Firewatch , who have the accreditations, insurances and skilled technicians to take on the risk on your behalf and an old adage springs to mind; 
The Bitterness Of Poor Quality Remains – Long After The Sweetness Of Low Price Is Forgotten
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