Light up your Christmas safely 
If you have old lights, seriously consider buying new ones which will meet much higher safety standards. 
• Look for safety marks e.g. BS Kitemark 
• Buy from a reputable store 
• Avoid buying second-hand unless you have them professionally checked first 
• New lights are transformed down for added safety, and must be double insulated (Double Square symbol ) 
overloaded socket
• NEVER insert or remove bulbs when switched on 
• Regularly inspect cables and bulbs for damage 
• Do not use lights which are damaged, dispose of them safely 
• Read and follow the manufacturer's instructions 
• Use an RCD (Residual Current Device) for added protection against shock and do not overload sockets 
• Do not use the lights outdoors unless specially made for such use 
• Don't run the cable under carpets or where it can be damaged 
• Do not secure to notice boards or the fabric of the building with staples or drawing pins 
• Keep lights clear of decorations and other flammable materials 
• Avoid cables becoming a tripping hazard 
• Use a stable support when hanging the lights 
• Don't leave the lights on when the room is empty. Remember to switch them off when you go out 
• Don't allow children to play with the lights 
• Avoid running lights behind sinks or near to sources of water 
• Take care when dismantling and packing the lights not to damage them 
• Keep them safely stored away out of reach of children 
• Avoid damp or excessively hot conditions 
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