Smoking can kill 
A phone call to the Firewatch offices highlighted an issue that a lot of people may not have thought of. A Devon hotel client had a complete evacuation of their hotel following a bedroom fire in the early hours of the morning, happily it was carried out efficiently with the hotel staff evacuating and accounting for all residents and members of staff. The fire service were called and put out the fire which was contained in the bedroom albeit completely gutting it, they also discovered the reason for the fire ……a faulty charger for an electric cigarette! 
Whether it be a mobile phone, pc tablet, hair straighteners or electric cigarette just a few of the trappings of the modern traveller, they all have the possibility of causing serious fires if left plugged in overnight. 
Steve Chancellor Fire Safety Training Officer for Firewatch said 'The speed of living nowadays means that people are rushing around much more and it's easy to forget about a charger or hair straighteners plugged in but it's really important just to take a few seconds to check that everything is switched off'. 
Anything that can heat up has the potential to be involved in a fire if it's not used correctly. 
Keep an eye out for hot plugs or sockets, scorch marks or flickering light, never get electrical appliances wet and don't put things on top of the television such as vases or candles. 
Turn off all electrical items unless they are meant to be left on - like freezers and fridges - before going to bed or leaving the house 
Fire involving phone chargers is unusual because they are low voltage but it does happen so Firewatch would urge people to be vigilant with all electrical items. 
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