Firewatch Managing Director Max Willey – puts on his dancing shoes! 
Proud Cornishman Max , returns to Cornwall to participate in the ‘The Flora’ or more commonly known as the Flora Dance , partnering his sister Glennie , he danced through Helston for over 2 hours in top hat & tails – at which point oxygen and a rub down were administered! 
Always the innovator Max’s main problem of the day was keeping his over large top hat from covering his eyes, using his skills as a former carpet salesman (in the early 70’s) he used carpet tape to keep it in place! 
The Furry Dance (pronounced to rhyme with "hurry"), takes place in Helston, Cornwall, and is one of the oldest British customs still practised today, people travel from all over the world to see it; the dance takes place every year on May 8 (or the Saturday before if May 8 falls on a Sunday or Monday). 
The music is provided by Helston Town Band, augmented by members of other local bands. They play from memory, as the music for the dance has never been written down. 
It is a celebration of the passing of Winter and the arrival of Spring.A full day of dancing and pageantry of these, the midday dance is perhaps the best known: it was traditionally the dance of the gentry in the town. Traditionally, the dancers wear lily of the valley, which is Helston's symbolic flower. The gentlemen wear it on the left, with the flowers pointing upwards, and the ladies wear it upside down on the right. 
Max can be seen going into WHSmiths on 45 seconds and coming out 1 minute 13 seconds in!!!! 
Max appears about 5 mins 10 seconds in - enjoy! 
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