Training is underway 
The lycra has been bought, bikes are unwrapped and training is underway! The Marks are in training mode now, with huge thanks to The Bike Shed in Exeter for saving them £300 on accessories and Firewatch for sponsoring the bikes, the lads can knuckle down and get training now. 
They have been doing a few press releases, with Mark Hooks on local radio in The Midlands, and Mark Harris on local radio and in the local newspaper shortly. 
Mark had this to say about the ride:-  
'My mum (Janet Harris) has now had cancer twice. The first time she had cancer of the thyroids and had to have an operation that may have seen her never talk again but she pulled through it but left her on all sorts of medication and treatment and this has had a knock on effect to her health even to today. 
The most recent time was when she had been suffering with back pain and unknowing to her she had a tumor wrapped around her spinal cord which she had to undergo a 9 hour operation with a high risk of never walking again. 
After months of being in a wheel chair and then on crutches she got stronger and stronger and now walks with just one walking stick. 
My mom is a huge inspiration to me as through all of this she stayed so strong and still only thought of others and her family, I really don’t know how she did it, such a strong and very brave lady!!! 
Most recently something that has really spurred us in to action is that one of our friends and also a colleague of ours is undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma (Bobby Chancellor). He Is a local guy from Torquay with two young children and a fiancé. Bobby is aiming to cycle the last day with us from Bodmin to Land’s End depending on how he is health wise but knowing Bobby personally with his determination he will be there and this will be a great achievement for him and this will definitely help push me and Mark on that final tough day to get through it. 
The ride its self is going to be a very difficult task as neither of us are natural cyclists but we have been given free gym membership at Devon Hills in Paignton to start training. The biggest impact for myself is that I am type 1 diabetic and am insulin dependent and have to have up to 5 injections a day. While exercising this has an impact blood sugar levels so I really need to try and manage this well along the way which will prove to be quite challenging. 
The week following the bike ride on Saturday 10th October we are holding a charity night where we will give totals on money raised etc. We have a singer, DJ, fun and games, food and also auctions and raffles. The night details are as below…' 
As mentioned the week following the ride, there will be a charity night held at Buckland Athletic Football Club in Newton Abbot. During the evening there will be a whole host of entertainment, but more importantly they will be able to announce the amount raised. 
It is being held on 10th October 2015, and starting at 7pm. Tickets are £12 per person, inluding a buffet. 
Mark Harris is also looking for raffle and auction prizes for the night, if ayone is able to help please contact him on 07816 253772 or email m.harris@firewatchsouthwest.co.uk 
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