Versa Evacuation Chair 
Firewatch have added to its wide range of products, we are able to supply you with the MARKET LEADING Versa evacuation chair. This British made range of evacuation chairs are probably the best value for money on offer in the UK today. 
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that your emergency plan should be appropriate to your premises, and arrangements should be in place for the safe evacuation of people identified as being especially at risk, such as "those with disabilities, children and lone workers". 
To ensure we were happy to add this specialist piece of equipment to our range of products, we took it to Exeter College, where Stuart Bradshaw the Colleges H&S officer was able to cast his expert eye over the product which included a demonstration with our very own Steve Chancellor (Firewatch Training Officer) being the evacuated person. Versa evacuation chairs have all wheels permanently deployed, giving the operator greater confidence in an evacuation. 
Versa Evacuation Chair
As most people are aware, lifts or other aids reliant on electricity should not normally be used in case of fire, which poses a problem if people with mobility impairment such as wheelchair users, bed bound residents and people with walking aids need to be evacuated from a building quickly. This must be taken into account when preparing your emergency plan, which must include provision for the evacuation of disabled persons from any part of your building to a place of ultimate safety. "The plan should not rely on fire and rescue service involvement for it to be effective". 
In other words, you must be able to fully evacuate your premises regardless of anyone's disability. To achieve this you may need an evacuation aid such as an evacuation chair similar to the ones below. Unfortunately this type of equipment tends to be expensive, not only to purchase in the first instance, but on an ongoing basis in relation to maintenance and staff training. Furthermore, some types of evacuation chair are difficult and complicated to use, especially the ones that incorporate kickstands. The Exit Master Versa and Versa Elite below are relatively simple to operate but training is essential if staff are to successfully use them without frightening the occupant to death. Confidence is essential and as well as initial training regular practice is necessary. 
Quick Overview 
Easy instant deployment 
Integral transit wheels (no kick stand to deploy) 
Advanced belt guide system ensuring smooth travel 
Supportive seat for comfort & easy travel 
Safety brakes on rear wheels 
Sturdy high capacity frame for sustained use 
Folded Size : 1040mm x (W) 480mm x (D) 200mm 
Deployed Size : (H) 1500mm x (W) 480mm x (D) 900mm 
Load Capacity: 150kg/24 stone 
Seating : Sling seat made of heavy duty grade, stain resistant, waterproof & flame retardent vinyl-coated nylon 
Turning Radius : a full 360 degrees within 900mm diameter 
Stair angle : 28-42 degrees 
Landing size : from 90cmx90cm (35”x35”) 
Stored size : 107x52x21cm (42x20x8”) 
Weight : 12kg 
Steel storage cabinet (optional extra) 
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